Jans's World

Jans Brands, the museum’s founder, collected absolutely everything on his farm in Nieuw-Dordrecht. "Jans’s World" can be visited all the year round!


Why would you throw something away?
otherwise you will never see it again.

Jans Brands 1932 - 2019

So much to learn!

Museum of endless curiosity

A lifetime of endless curiosity is the best way to describe the collection of museum founder Jans Brands. He could collect like no other. Jans managed to collect thousands of books and objects by keeping what others threw away, scouring flea markets, visiting many antique shops and attending a lot of auctions. It got to a point where his farm was filled to bursting. Jans’s curiosity was truly insatiable and inimitable.

Now he devoted himself to collecting coins, then he went in for weights. Yet the majority of his collection comes from, or tells about, the province of Drenthe. From the tools of workers in the moorland through to the pastor’s magic lantern. Experience it for yourself by stepping over the threshold of the old living quarters of Jans Brands and enjoy a journey back in time. But be warned: You won’t ever get bored at Museum Collectie Brands!