Become a volunteer at Museum Collectie Brands

Volunteers are worth their weight in gold for Museum Collection Brands. We are an enterprising organisation and can therefore use all the help we can get. There is plenty to do whether you like to be among people or roll up your sleeves. A few examples:

  • Receptionist – welcoming visitors, operating the cash register and serving coffee/tea in the museum café
  • Researcher – conducting research on objects within the collection
  • Educational worker – developing and implementing educational programmes (primary and secondary schools)
  • Museumguide – guiding visitors around the museum
  • Facility worker – carrying out maintenance inside and outside the museum

Of course, we would also like to hear from you what your talents are.

A condition for becoming a volunteer is that you can speak Dutch.

If you would like to know more about volunteering at Museum Collection Brands, please feel free to contact us:

E-mail: info@collectie-brands.nl

If you are already very certain that you want to become a volunteer, click on the button below and apply.

When we have received your application, we will plan a meeting to get to know each other. On the basis of this meeting, we will consider which further steps will be taken.

When you start as a new volunteer, a trial period will follow so that you can get to know our organisation better and also discover the areas in which you would like to work.