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Through the eyes of Janny Jalving (PROLONGED)

Jantje Johanna Jalving (1923-2022), better known as Janny Jalving, painted throughout her whole life. Drenthe with its old farms was her favourite subject. That is, the really old farms, which were sometimes already in poor condition when Janny Jalving laid eyes on them. She loved that, because “life had passed over them”. Anyone familiar with […]

Grote expositie

A glimpse of recognition (PROLONGED)

Old tins, how beautiful they are! They are not made like they used to be. Reason enough to devote an exhibition to this beautiful product. By the way, when we talk about tin, we don’t only mean storage tins. There are also wonderful toys made of tin. You can see it all in the exhibition […]

100 years of football passion at Zwartemeer: From bog playing grounds to professional football now… (CLOSED)

From playing football on the boglands to professional football Football has been practised in Southeast Drenthe for more than 100 years. Almost every village has its own football club. One that stands out is VV Zwartemeer. The club that was founded in 1921 has known many highs and lows. After the Second World War, the […]

From Magic Lantern to YouTube (CLOSED)

It is almost impossible to imagine our daily lives without photos and videos. Yet the technology is only about 200 years old. The exhibition From Magic Lantern to YouTube takes you on a time-travel journey through the development of photography and film. Do you know what a magic lantern is? Have you ever developed analogue […]